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breaking bad fans were really good at not spoiling the show for people who didn’t watch it live

game of thrones fans are not

some people reblogged this saying that’s because breaking bad wasn’t a book series that was out first

it’s not the people who read the books that are…

I’m sorry but 1. spoilers are not that bad (I actually like them) and 2. if you did not watch it when it aired, and you still go on social media, you can’t expect to NOT see a spoiler for a show as popular as GOT.

Sorry but I’m going to have to disagree. Spoilers may not matter to you but they matter to a large number of people. I love stories in general and for me there’s nothing better than experiencing a great story for the first time. Even if it has a predictable ending, I still don’t want to know the ending. Knowing the ending almost completely robs me of the satisfaction and enjoyment of seeing something for the first time. Think of all your favorite pieces of media. It’s almost like a defining moment in your life the first time you experienced it, isn’t it? Well, when something is spoiled for me I never get to experience that awe inspiring moment. I used to be a hardcore Harry Potter fan until my brother spoiled The Halfblood Prince for me and now I’m a casual fan. My love for the series never recovered and that’s a series that was really special to me at the time. I wish I could recapture how I felt about Harry Potter but it’s impossible now.

It does not matter how popular a show is I expect people to be respectful of people who haven’t seen it yet especially in the age of DVR, Hulu, Netflix, etc when a huge number of people don’t watch it live. I can’t see everything right when it first comes out and that extends to all media. There’s a Simpsons joke where Homer walks out of the showing for The Empire Strikes Back and spoils the movie for everyone in line. Shouldn’t the fictional people have just seen an earlier show? No, that’s on Homer. He could have easily not said anything while fans can’t be vigilant every waking moment of their lives to avoid spoilers. Fans of other shows are considerably more respectful in that they tag their posts or talk in code as to not spoil it. People on other social networks talk in code as well. Journalists and even REDDITORS are more respectful about spoilers than Game of Thrones fans on Tumblr. I can’t even watch it when it first airs because it first airs on the east coast three hours earlier. There are spoilers for every piece of media all over the internet and it’s not feasible to stay off social media especially when it’s my career. I do take measures to avoid spoilers and Game of Thrones and Big Brother (spoilers for this show pop up in the most surprising places) are the only pieces of media where I fail to avoid spoilers despite my best efforts. And I don’t think it matters how long ago or how recent something was released. I’m not going to make a post telling people what rosebud is even though Citizen Kane came out in 1941 and is often thought of as being the best movie of all time.

Spoilers deprive a lot of people of a certain joy that is very special to them. Can everyone just please try not to be a jerk about spoilers? It’s so easy not to be one.

Please read this.